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Alzada Magdalena, Licensed Acupuncturist


Initial appointment


$150 by check or cash

$155 if you use a credit card

This appointment includes a detailed history and exam.  I like to actually look at the herbs, medications, and  supplements you may be taking to see that they are all working together properly. Of course there is a treatment as well.

Subsequent appointments


$115 by check or cash

$119 if you use a credit card

Second appointments are when we look at the effects of the first treatment on your body.  This gives us information about how quickly your body reacts to the treatments, so the your individual strategy can be better predicted.  Herbal formulas are usually given the second appointment. 

From clients:


"I am feeling so much better and looser! You are magic, thank you!" Sophie M.

"I want to thank you for the care you have provided. In two sessions you have relieved my pain and reduced the inflammation. "      Akin. O.

Strains and sprains


Acute injuries such as strains and sprains usually can be affected in 1 -3 appointments. 

If you are simply exhausted from putting up hay and working hard, or a weekend mountain biking, one treatment will usually solve the worst aches and help your body recuperate.

If we are trying to overcome a lifetime of haying or hard work, then you will benefit from a series of treatments and maybe monthly or quarterly tuneups afterwards.

Chronic conditions


Internal problems such as issues with digestion, circulation or  liver issues  that have been building over time  will take awhile to repair.  Figure that you will come once a week for 2 or 3 weeks, then every two weeks, then monthly maintenance.  You will get more improvement out of frequent treatments grouped together, so it is more cost effective to do 3 - 5 treatments in the first two months, then space the sessions out to maintain your gains.

From clients:


"After my recent treatments, I felt my body was being transformed Within a few days not only was my mental state more balanced, but my body seemed to thank me for releasing some of the heaviness that was weighing me down."  Barbara M